Rapid SL Element for WC, 0.82 m installation height

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GROHE Rapid SL installation system for your toilet – easy installation, even under windows

Easy-fitting and total stability are just the start with the GROHE Rapid SL installation system for wall-hung toilets. You’ll also love the eco-benefits and noise-lowering feature. The steel frame is certified to hold loads of over 400 kg for ultimate stability and it can be installed in front of a solid wall or inside a stud wall in next-to-no-time thanks to the GROHE QuickFix system, which requires no tools to connect hose, inspection shaft and water supply. With a low height of only 0.82 m, this system can even be installed under windows. The GROHE EcoJoy dual flush system is kinder to the environment, reducing water consumption by up to 50%. Noise transmission to the building is kept to a minimum thanks to GROHE Whisper technology, engineered with low-noise fittings and separate plumbing. If required, please purchase the 3855800M wall bracket to install this system. Choose from over 130 attractive flush plate designs to complete the installation.

Key Features

  • for on-the-wall installations or studded walls
  • powder coated steel frame, self-supporting
  • for dry-cladding, completely pre-assembled
  • with fixed connections
  • TÜV approved
  • 2 WC fixing bolts
  • distance of fixing bolts 180/230 mm
  • PP outlet bend Ø 90 mm
  • depth adjustable
  • reducer Ø 90/110 mm
  • inlet and outlet connecting set
  • flushing cistern containing the following features:
  • pneumatic discharge valve offering 3 modes of operation: dual flush or start/stop or single flush

  • front or top actuation
  • water supply from left/right or back
  • low noise (group I acc. to German Noise Specification)
  • insulated against condensation
  • ½" water supply connection including integrated angle valve and push fit flexible hose union

  • Shortable inspection shaft incl. protection during construction phase
  • for on-the-wall installation 38 558 00M needs to be ordered separately

  • for mounting of small flush plates please order revision shaft 40 950 000 (sold separately)
Pos.-nr. Prod. description Spare part-nr.
* Optional accessories
1 Threaded bolt 4276400M
2 WC inlet and outlet connecting set 37311K00
2.1 Basin fastening 43511SH0
2.2 Connector 37119000
3 PP-outlet bend Ø 90 mm 42327000
4 4" Outlet Adaptor for Rapid SL 42242000
5 Support for outlet bend 42243000
6 Inspection shaft for flushing cistern 42326000
7 Filling valve 37095000
7.1 Lever 43734000
7.1.1 Seal 4377000M
7.2 Valve head 43536000
7.3 Membrane 4375800M
7.4 Screw cap 43735000
7.5 Valve FLOAT, 5 pcs.. 4379100M
7.6 Set of seals 43722000*
8 Support device 42195000
9 Overflow Sleeve 43325000
9.1 Sealing washer 0319100M
10 Headpart 42385000
11 Discharge valve AV1 complete 42314000
11.1 Pneumatic hose 42319000
11.2 Seal 42310000
11.3 Valve seat for GD2 42315000

Wall brackets

13 Adaptor 38796000*
14 Set for noise protection 37131000*
15 Xtra wall brackets, flexible placing 38733000*