Grohtherm 2000 Bath Safety Mixer

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GROHE Grohtherm 2000 – waterfall bath/shower mixer with tray and thermostat for precision control!

Performance you can trust! With the water-saving GROHE Grohtherm 2000 running a bath or having a shower has never been easier – thanks to GROHE Thermostat. Simply choose your desired temperature and let the water flow! You can look forward to instant and constant hot water with no sudden bursts of cold if the pressure suddenly changes. With GROHE CoolTouch the thermostat is always safe to touch because its surface does not heat up – giving your bathroom a relaxing spa-style ambience. And using the GROHE AquaDimmer it’s easy to switch between the waterfall bath spout and shower, which has a handy EasyReach tray. Reliable and super safe for you to use, this shower thermostat also comes with a GROHE SafeStop feature set at 38°C which prevents children from turning up the temperature too high. It also has a scratch resistant GROHE Starlight chrome finish that will sparkle for years and it has a water-saving button that reduces water usage by up to 50% – an easy way for you to save a precious natural resource as well as money!

Key Features

  • wall mounted
  • 100% GROHE CoolTouch safety housing with CoolTouch escutcheons

  • GROHE Long-Life finish
  • GROHE Aqua Paddle ergonomically shaped handles
  • GROHE SafeStop safety button at 38°C

  • GROHE SafeStop Plus optional temperature limiter at 43°C included
  • GROHE TurboStat compact cartridge
  • integrated stop valve
  • GROHE AquaDimmer Eco with multiple function:
  • integrated GROHE EcoButton

  • flow control

  • diverter: bath/shower

  • shower bottom outlet 1/2"
  • GROHE XL Waterfall
  • built-in non-return valves
  • dirt strainers
  • covered S-unions, CoolTouch escutcheons with wall sealing
  • GROHE EasyReach shower tray
  • removable for easy cleaning
  • GROHE Water Saving - Less water, perfect flow
Pos.-nr. Prod. description Spare part-nr.
* Optional accessories
1 Shut-off handle 47923000
1.1 Cover cap 4788300M
2 Stop 47925000
3 Aquadimmer 12433000
4 Water flow 47751000
5 Temperature control handle 47917000
5.1 Cover cap 4788300M
6 Fitting ring 47743000
7 Thermostatic compact cartridge 1/2" 47439000
8 Non-return valve 47189000
8.1 Dirt strainer 0726400M
8.2 Non-return valve 08565000
8.3 O-ring ø17 x ø2 0305500M
9 S-union 12693000
10 Water flow 47924000
11 GROHE EasyReach shower tray 18608001
12 Extension set 1/2", 30 mm 46238000*
13 Socket Spanner 19332000*
14 GROHE TurboStat cartridge 1/2" 47175000*
15 Special spanner 19377000*