Your Personal Spa

Your GROHE SPA® bathroom – a hybrid space where design, comfort and function meet.

Where different zones take on different roles, as your spa journey takes you from one area to the next. The bathroom is no longer simply for cleansing and grooming; it has transformed itself into a retreat, a space to escape to – a personal haven away from modern-day stresses.


Tasks that you once performed on autopilot take on a new meaning as you start to appreciate your surroundings more. From washing your face and brushing your teeth to applying make-up or shaving, the basin area is central to your daily cleansing routine. Twin basins side-by-side, an extra-wide shallow model accompanied by a pair of tap mixers.
In a spa bathroom, there’s always room for two.



Powerful and refreshing in the morning, invigorating or relaxing in the evening – a multi-faceted shower zone will transform your day. Generous in size and features, a luxurious shower adapts to your needs as they evolve over the course of a day. One or two head showers, a hand shower, a bank of body showers. The only limit to your showering pleasure is your imagination.

Atrio Jota & Ypsilon Single-lever bath/shower mixer


Cocooned by warm water, comforting and restorative – lie back and drift away. Give your bath some room to breathe. Choose a deep, freestanding bathtub paired with an elegant bath spout or sink your bath into a wide surround with integrated fittings. At the end of the day, it’s hard to beat a lingering soak in the bathtub.



A space for quiet contemplation, to sip tea, water, read a book or just ‘be’ – the space where a bathroom becomes a spa bathroom, the culmination of your spa journey. Recline on a daybed or feather-filled armchair and savour the moment. Having treated your body, now take time to treat your mind – meditate or simply to lose yourself in your thoughts.

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