F-digital Deluxe Bluetooth-Unit BT-01A for Apple and Android devices

Product Number

Key Features

  • with integrated electronic for wireless data communication
  • connection cable set for data communication and power supply (5 m each)
  • bluetooth transmitter power supply: 12 V
  • bluetooth transmitter frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • bluetooth range (max. 10 m) varies on used materials and walls between transmitter and receiver

  • requires Base Unit Box 2.0 (36 476 000) or Base Unit Box 4.0 (26 864 000) – to be ordered separately
  • bluetooth-enabled device (bluetooth V2.1 or higher) necessary
  • System requirements Android operating system: as of release 2.3.3 pixel density: 160 dpi minimum display resolution: 320 x 470 pixels per inch System requirements Apple Apple operating system: as of release iOS 6.0 and above Mobile devices and GROHE SPA F-digital deluxe App are not included in delivery