Water-saving Thermostats

Save Water by Investing in a Shower Thermostat

Although primarily chosen for safety and comfort, a shower thermostat will also help you to save water. Shower thermostats maintain the chosen water temperature for the duration of your shower, so there is no need to spend time re-adjusting the temperature if the water supply changes e.g. if someone flushes the toilet or draws water elsewhere in the home.

Many models also include an Eco button on the thermostat body to reduce the flow rate by 50 percent.

GROHE Ondus Aquafountain

Save Water with a Digital Shower

GROHE Ondus® taps and showers feature the latest water-saving technology. The shower can be pre-programmed with the user’s preferred combination of water flow rate and temperature, therefore it is not necessary to waste time and water adjusting the temperature and pressure before taking your shower.

The inclusion of a ‘Pause’ button on the shower control enables you to stop the water mid-shower (e.g. to shampoo your hair) and then re-start it at exactly the same temperature and flow, for further water saving.

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