Probably the most innovative shower in the world.

How do you like your shower? A refreshing burst of waterto energise and stimulate in the morning – cleansing yourbody and awakening your mind. Or something a little morerelaxing in the evening – soft, restorative air-infused bubblesthat gently caress your skin?

GROHE Power&Soul® showers have been created withfull appreciation of your moods and needs. Powered byGROHE DreamSpray® technology, four innovative spraypatterns – GROHE Rain O2, Rain, Bokoma Spray and Jet– offer a choice of tempting experiences. And with theintroduction of One-Click Showering, switching betweenand combining spray patterns has never been easier.

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GROHE Power&Soul – natural, fluid shapes and pure refreshment

Enjoy the choice of innovation. Everyone’s ideaof the perfect spray pattern is different, which is whyGROHE Power&Soul® showers feature up to four differentsprays. Revitalising or relaxing, stimulating or soothing,whichever sensation you’re searching for, we have a sprayto match.

Spray Patterns

Power&Soul Cosmopolitan Hand shower 130


A soft, smooth spray based on our original Rain spray. Air is drawn into the shower head and mixed with the water for a wider and fuller spray.

Power&Soul Cosmopolitan Hand shower 130


An effective pattern to brace the skin. Mimicking exhilarant heavy rains, the spray provides a full and even coverage.

Power&Soul Cosmopolitan Hand shower 130

Bokoma Spray®

A not just pulsating but moving circular spray for a stimulating massage that unprecedentedly revives the spirit.

Power&Soul Cosmopolitan Hand shower 130


A focused circular spray which delivers a refreshing burst of water. Ideal for stimulating the skin or simply cleaning the bathtub or shower.