Over the last decade or so we’ve all become used to managing aspects of our lives via technology, from online banking to online shopping, the internet has made life much more convenient. Now a similar smart revolution is happening in the home.

What is smart home technology? The smart home is one where almost any aspect can be controlled digitally. Your doorbell, your lighting, your home security, heating and water… everything down to drawing your curtains can conceivably be monitored and controlled remotely via tech.

What are the benefits of a smart home? Smart technology makes today’s smart home work much more smoothly and effectively, and can give you peace of mind that everything is working as it should, even if you are away for long periods of time. Some smart technology streamlines your home, reducing the need for windless wires and remotes to control TVs and music. Smart home tech that controls lighting and heating can make your home more comfortable, letting you switch on lights and warm your home remotely, so it’s perfectly ready for your return.

Some smart home technology focuses more on security – an integrated smart surveillance system for the home can let you keep an eye on what’s happening wherever you are for example. You can also buy systems that keep your home safe from fire and flooding risks. The smart home lets you feel more in control and better informed about what is going on with your home.

How does the smart home work? Smart home technology can be introduced to your home piece by piece, according to what your priorities are. If opening your curtains just by the power of your voice is your priority, then you can start just with that! However the move is increasingly towards integrated technology that links up different elements of your home in one hub.

The latest smart home developments. One of the key areas of development has been the emergence of water security systems for the home. Systems such as GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard can provide you with peace of mind and a first line of defence against costly and disruptive leaks and water damage. A water security offers a number of benefits.

Sensors in your home will be able to detect and alert you to changes in humidity levels so you know there is a problem way before any leak is visible. You can also use them to alert you of any issues remotely via a smart home app, so even if you are away from home you know exactly what is going on. You can also use such a system to switch off the water supply as soon as your are alerted of the problem – even if you are not at home at the time. As water damage is better prevented than repaired, such systems are the latest smart home development to help savvy homeowners keep effortless control, no matter where they are.

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