GROHE EUROSMART A perfect fit for every purpose

Our best-seller has evolved, creating a range with unrivalled versatility, innovative detail and sleek styling, fit for today’s modern homes. The new GROHE Eurosmart features an increased faucet height for greater comfort and cleaner, crisper lines perfect for any modern space. The range includes practical pull-out spout options, our first ever 2-in-1 hybrid touchless/manual mixer and innovative safety stop features. Whatever the setting, whatever the space, GROHE Eurosmart is the perfect solution.

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Product versatility at its best

With the new Eurosmart bathroom faucet, GROHE does not only introduce a contemporary design but also presents completely new product variants. The evolution of the Eurosmart line is focused on the creation of purpose-driven products and is carried out with dedicated use cases in mind.


  • GROHE Eurosmart offers more comfort thanks to the increased height
  • From small to large – with GROHE Eurosmart, there is a perfect match for everyone from S to XL size
  • The new EUROSMART 2in1 Hybrid offers touchless and manual operation for superior comfort and less cleaning effort
  • The new EUROSMART long and loop lever variants offer additional comfort
  • The integrated Safety Stop offers thermostatic scalding protection for the ones we love
  • The EUROSMART pull-out spout variant offers full flexibility


The new EUROSMART 2in1 Hybrid: Touchless or manual

The Eurosmart 2in1 hybrid variant combines the advantages of a manual and a touchless faucet. Users can decide whether they want to use the manual lever or use touchless technology by activating the water flow via the integrated sensor. When there is no need to touch the faucet when washing hands, the cleaning-effort is minimized. A comfortable solution for quick handwashing without compromising the advantages of the one hand mixer.


The different lever variants directly relate to people's lives and are a perfect reflection of GROHE’s human-centric design approach.

To make things even more convenient especially for households with children and elderly people, the Eurosmart variants are available with a new safe stop technology. Thanks to an integrated thermostat, the temperature can be limited to prevent injuries due to scalding.

The Eurosmart Loop Lever simplifies gripping thanks to the cut-out center. This makes the product variant ideal for people with limited motor skills and for care homes, allowing everyone to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

The Eurosmart Long Lever variant for the health sector comes with an extra-long lever which enables doctors to operate the faucet with their elbow, thereby minimizing the contact with surfaces.

The new EUROSMART Pull-out spout variant

The Eurosmart faucet line has even more to offer: For extra comfort a pull-out spout variant offers full flexibility – perfect for washing hair or cleaning the basin.

Thanks to GROHE magnetic docking and the ergonomic fingerguide the Eurosmart pull-out spout pulls back in the original position easily.


Product Range

Product range